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FLYFIRE will rely on innovative safety accessories that comply with flight regulations to allow pilots to perform their roles more safely

Create An Era Of Safe Flight Together

Flyfire OWL Series Parachute Systems are tested and compliant to ASTM F3322-18 specifications, is equipped with an autonomous Flight Termination System (FTS) on the parachute system.

Complying your drone with EASA’s C5 safety standard ensures drone operators have the best risk management and safety measures in place for their particular operations

Safety Buoy For Your Drone When Flying Over Water

When a drone hits water, it sinks quickly. Depending on your gear, you could be losing thousands of euros, as well as valuable data and highly toxic lithium batteries. Before taking off, you should be fully aware of effective recovery procedures and precautions.

At the very least, a professional drone pilot not only avoids contamination but also retrieves the drone with data media.

Our Expertise For Your Project

With its professional knowledge, flyfire not only has many successful cooperation and safety certifications in China, but also continuously improves flight standards worldwide, allowing pilots to perform their duties more safely at high altitudes or in open water.

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